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News, Updates and Everything else!!!

Works Now available for sale from


My most recent finished work


At the moment I am working on a new project for charity. If all goes to plan it will be travelling the country sometime this year. 







My most recent work.. another Padre Pio.. Such a great character to paint. 

I had the idea of doing a pictorial representation of the last words Christ spoke on the cross in Aramaic. Eli Eli La-ma sa bach tha-ni. The painting is oil on board set in an oval frame. It measures 495mm x 400mm. 



After George Delatour... Just finished. 

A teaching piece I have done for the young lady in the painting.

St Francis in meditation. Just completed as a re creation of the original by Caravaggio. For sale on

A Portrait of a friend.


Re-creating old masters.

My Latest Complete Work.. a self portrait.

Padre Pio a commission...


Pope Francis the finished piece.

Working Hard on my next projects. 


Madonna and Child finished just in time for christmas.. and very pleased how this turned out.



A commision piece... A much loved companion.



Completed for a friend... a cat lover no less.


My Most recent finished work entitled Lady Amber.

One more Lion for the exhibition.

Just Finished... My Lovely Daughter Zoe

Two more of the Old Soldiers done.

Very rare for me to do a self portrait.... 


Fr Emmanuel Just finished.... and pleased to say the priest was very happy with it. 

Michael Collins, a private commission just finished. 

In the News Today!!!



Mr Darcy Just Completed. 

The Rabbi, A newly completed work ready for the Royal Portrait Society as an open entry. 

Mr M Hanley, One of my recently finished works ready for the SSAFA exhibition. 

Mr B Rooney, Just one of the portraits for the up and coming exhibition in aid of SSAFA East Durham

One of my Step Daughters Lovley little friends... Meet Molly. 

The wife and myself are working on a huge project this year in aid of SSAFA East Durham... Please support us if you can :-)

Just finished a very true to life Roma Rose. 

Sixth Painitng of the year... the lovley Brady

Fifth Painting of the year (Heavens Rose)

My fourth and latest work the Boho Venus. (from the original image by Andy green)


My third completed imagefor the year. I have called it the letter. (Based on an original photo by Andy Green)

Working hard on my most recent piece. The letter. 

Just completed Beauty Bathing. My second Piece for 2015 

(loosley based on an image by Zhang Jingna - Zemotion Model Ivory Flame)



From an original photo The lovely Hannah. My most recent piece. 


Above image Loosely based on an original image by Meg Franklin

My most recent completed Piece. Original image courtesy of Andy Green Photography. 


Fridays Durham Times 

Saturdays Northern Echo.

I have just finished the portrait of Harry Patch "The Last Tommy" One of my ultimate heroes. Oil on Canvas 30 inches by 24 inches. Which makes it life sized. Sadly Harry died this year at the age of 111 the last surviving soldier from the first world war hence the title The Last Tommy. I hope you like it and please as always let me have your comments on my work.


Naked Flame



"I have always found portraiture fascinating. I relish the challenge of creating a likeness in oils on canvas. Since i was a small boy I have studied the human face. Everyone has the same features but yet they are all so very different. The very essence of a good portrait is not only to create an exact likeness of the sitter but to capture their character. When I receive a commission I like to meet the sitter for a chat, thereby I learn so much more about their outlook on life, their hopes and aspirations.

I consider it a great honor to receive this certificate from aspire magazine naming me portrait artist of the year. "


My most recent accolade. And also to Be featured article in the magazine itself.

My most recent newly finished work.



Painting dogs is brilliant they have such lovely characters.



The beautiful finished image.

A lot of work being done at the moment. This photo was taken today, So much fine detail in this one in the style of Renoir.

Ralph. Fresh off the easel.


My latest finished piece (Original image courtesy of Andy Green Photography). 


Working hard at the moment. My latest almost finished piece.

Officially Handing over Nelson To the Hartlepool Maritime experience today!!!.

Hard work over the last few weeks is really paying off...

All paintings available for sale or as a limited edition print.


Very Busy over the last few weeks. Sir Alex completed and prints available. As well as a few more detailed works.



My most recent work as a gift for my Future Wife Amber .. Signed Prints are available on request... but I don't think anyone is going to get the original she wont part with it :-)



Some just finished works.

Lots going on at the moment, Presentations to organize, Classes to teach and interviews to give.


The Grand Master finished and ready to be presented.


Ad featuring in the Living North Fine Art Supplement.


The Death Dealer. From the Original by Frank Frazetta. This is oil on canvas 1m x 1m.


Looking forward to being back teaching in the local village!!!

The Sea, my most recent work to date. Love being able to work in a very free style.

My most recent completed work....




Some latest work just finished and ready to send.


At last my new page is up and running. Please feel free to ask any questions, leave comments or just have a general chat about art.. I love to hear what people think.